Welcome to Patient Prioritiy Clinical Sites

The Patient Priority name says it all – our priority is our patients. Yes, we specialize in operating clinical trials for the world’s leading drug manufacturers, but we focus on our patients first and foremost. We make their experience as pleasant and helpful as possible. We work hard to make certain that each patient is guided towards a proper study. And when someone simply doesn’t belong in a study at all, we are not afraid to say so. Because patient well-being is our priority.

Patients come to us in many ways. Physicians, medical and mental health professionals, agencies, health care facilities, family members, friends and former patients all refer new patients to us. Some find us through our advertising and through the internet. Regardless of how patients come to us, they all make the same wonderful discovery – we treat patients with great care and compassion.

Patient Priority services are provided AT NO COST to all clinical study participants.